Founding Members

It was in the fall of 1968, where at that first meeting there were thirteen charter members. Without even realizing it, they were participating in what was to become the first event of the club. There at the Shores Inn, over a pint or two of bitters, they agreed on a name and developed a constitution and philosophy, which has driven the club to be what it is today: A club to provide a friendly family sailing experience with little emphasis on frills, but with extensive opportunities for racing and cruising. The result of which came to be known as the Lake Shore Sail Club.

For their efforts, this short list of members will forever be known as the Founding Members.

John O. McGuire† Dorothy McGuire†
 Bob Rousseau†  Marge Rousseau†
 Art Ternes  Pat Ternes
 Dave Lawson†  Frank Voorhies
 Bernie Bleisch  Cecil McIntosh†
 Bernie Levin  Joe Gentile
 Clint Curtis
† deceased