Club Racing

Lake Shore Sail Club has maintained a Coast Guard approved race course located NE of Gaukler Point in Lake St. Clair for forty years. Over those years, the marks and course configurations have changed a number of times. The current course consists of seven 6″ diameter PVC pylons arranged in a 2.60 nm mile diameter hexagon.

Our “members only” race program include a Sunday Series and Special Club races. There are four regular Sunday races and six special races; the Thomas Cup and Commodore’s Cup long distance races, the Petticoat, Juniors, Jack & Jill, and Single-handed races. A very popular part of our race program is the after-race hot dog roasts and awards parties held at Jefferson Beach Marina. These are held after each race and are open to all members.

Lake Shore Sail Club has pioneered the development of the “Multi-Sail Concept” where credit is given if a boat races without the use of its spinnaker. This allows for better class splits and flexibility of sail usage to account for both crew and weather variations.

More complete information may be found by in the current Lake Shore Sail Club Race Schedule and Racing Guidebook.