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Additional Information


One of our newest members, Mike Sherwood, is also a member of The Players Club and has offered us a unique opportunity to attend an  Invitational at the Players Club on Saturday, May 11th.  


There are 24 tickets available for $35.00 each and include an evening at The Players Club for three one-act plays performed by their members. This is a collection of the three best plays of the 2018-2019 season.  


The doors open at 7:00PM and the curtain goes up at 8:00PM.  They serve Dragonmead draft beer and attendees are allowed to bring their own beverages and/or hors d'oeuvres as well.  


This event is a black tie event and commodores can wear their uniforms.  Please let V/C Rick Ripard know if you are interested in tickets as soon as possible so that he can reserve them.  Lady Kimberly and Vice Commodore Ripard are planning to attend so it is first-come first-serve for the remaining 22 tickets.